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Infrared Moisture Balance

With solid state electronic Regulator. Very easy to operate with and accuracy of 0.2% by direct reading,0.1% by estimation, complete with 'L' Bend thermometer with pans cap.5 or 10 or 25 grams.

Detailed Specifications :

This is very reliable and sturdy instrument for an accurate determination of the moisture content of materials which do not undergo chemical change when exposed to infra red radiations. The instrument is specially useful for the substances which quickly reabsorbs moisture after drying. Observations can be taken quickly and the results obtained are accurate. The instrument can be used for reliable determination of moisture content of agricultural soil, foods, chemicals, plastics, Pharmaceuticals, construction soils and other similar materials. The instrument consist of a 250 watt infrared lamp, a sensitive torsion balance and a temp. Control, all housed in a compact cabinet made of Aluminium, having robust design. The Infra Red radiation from the lamp is used for heating the sample. The temp. is controlled by the solid state control. The sensitive torsion balance used magnetic damping to damp the vibrations of the pan. The instrument is directly calibrated in percentage of moisture between 0 to 100%.The Aluminium pans are cheap and disposable. This helps avoid loss of time which otherwise would be spent each time to clean the pans after the experiment is done. Complete with instruction manual. It is available in following Capacities to suit individual requirements.

  • Capacity 5g (Approx.): For applications in pharmaceuticals, light powders, chemicals, detergent.
  • Capacity 10g (Approx): For grains, rice, relatively heavy grained products etc.
  • Capacity 25 g (Approx.) For Coal, Cashew nuts, Sand, Agricultural Soil etc.

Delux Model with auto transformer (Variac)With a superior quality variac for a long life andbetter control of temperature. Available in all the above three models

Optional Fittings :

The instrument can be supplied with Digital timer with alarm. This timer gives a continuousbuzz after turning the infrared lamp off after specified time.
N.B. We can also supply more Sophisticated and accurate Digital Moisture Balance.