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Direct Shear Apparatus - Digital Model

Digital Model

Similar to Mechanical Model but with Electronic Outfit in place of Proving Ring and Dial Gauge

Outfit consists of

3 Channel Digital Indicator - 1 No.

Mode of Digital

Display The decimal display point is positioned by the channel selector switch.
Power 220 V ± 10% mains, 50 Hz, single Ph. AC supply.
No. of channels 3
Parameter display By a selector switch.
Load Cell - 1 No.
Capacity 2 KN (200 kgf) Universal type, TCPR
Max. Overload 110% of the rated capacity
Sensing Element Strain Gauges in full bridge configuration. Displacement Sensor - 2 Nos.
Range ± 19.99 mm
Sensing Element : LVDT
Complete as above