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Bishop Pore Pressure Apparatus

Consists of panel for wall mounting on which are fitted wall mounting on which are fitted 1.0 to 10Kg/cm2 x0.1Kg/cm2 a pressure gauge, Bourdon tube 20cm dia.


Glass U-tube manometer for measuring low positive pore pressures negative pore pressures and checking zero error of pressure gauge. It is provided with a mercury trap (Mercury supplied at extra cost ) Null indicator made out of clear transport perspex with mercury trap and cursor to indicate the mercury level.


50 ml Burette for measuring the volume change in the soil specimen. Pressure pump fitted with four sleeve packed valve, Operated by means of a hand wheel on the end of the piston rod which is threaded thru the pump cap and gives a smooth, fine adjustment of pressure copper coil and water reservoir.

The unit is tested against leaks upto 10Kg/cm2