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Field Density Test Apparatus - Core Cutter Method

Cylindrical Core Cutter

It shall be of seamless steel tube, 130 mm long and 100 mm internal diameter with a wall thickness of 3 mm, bevelled at one end,( as per section 2.1)

Steel Dolley

It shall be 25 mm high and 100 mm internal dia with a wall thickness of 7.5 mm with a lip to enable it to be fitted on top of the core cutter.

Steel Rammer

It shall have solid mild steel foot of 140 mm diameter and 75 mm height with a concentrically screwed 25 mm dia. Solid mild steel staff. The overall height of the rammer including the foot as well as the length of staff shall be approximately 900 mm.

The foot and staff together shall weight approx, 9.0 Kg.

Pallete Knife

It shall have a blade of stainless steel approximately 200 mm long & 30 mm wide (Stainless steel spatula ).


A steel strip about 300 mm long, 25 mm wid & 3 to 5 mm thick with one bevelled edge with suitable to level off ground.