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Compression Testing Machine - Digital

The digital compression testing machine has been designed to meet the need for a simple, economic and reliable means to test concrete for its compressive strength. The design expressive of simplicity, both of construction and operation, makes the machine easy to use and maintain. The unit is compact, making it useful for site and Laboratory applications. The digital machines are provided with a pace rate controller, to enable maintain a constant of loading.


  • High stability four column load frame
  • Each frame tested for stability and alignment to avoid tension failure during a test and to ensure centre loading
  • Standard Platens for 3 X 6”/ 4 X 8” and 6 X 12” cylinders included.
  • A precise large diameter spherical upper platen for optimum results
  • Variety of optional accessories for cubes, blocks, bricks and flexure test available
  • Motorized hydraulic power pack or pumping unit with rapid approach and automatic overload protection
  • Comes standard with safety Guards on all four sides.

The Complete unit comprises a Loading Unit which is of fully welded or two pillar model construction having a cross-head with a spherical seated platen. The lower platen is attached to the top of the piston. The Loading capacity is of 2000 KN, Cubes up to 200 mm & Cylinders up to 150 mm Dia X 300 mm Height can be tested using the appropriate spacers.

Pumping Unit with choice of compact power pack attached closely to the loading unit or separate hydraulic pumping unit, attached to the loading unit by high pressure hydraulic flexible hose pipe. The pump facilitates rapid approach of the platens for daylight closure and also provides comprehensive control over the application of load. A control valve provides fine control over the loading rate for accurate pacing.

Maximum load is held and retained for approx. 15 min, unless cancelled, using the panel mounted reset switch. Pace rate set for running the test can be maintained manually.

Model With digital Readout and pace rate Controller

Type of Pumping Electrical
Loading Range 2000KN
Least Count 1 KN
Max. Clearance Between Platen 370mm
Max. Clearance Between Side Platen 340mm
Platen Size 220 mm sq.
Piston Stroke 215.00 mm

Optional Fittings

  • Digital Load indicator with RS 232 interface for connection to windows XP based computer system
  • Digital Load indicator with printer interface
  • Batteryback up for Digital Load indicator – in case of power failure
  • Additional Pressure Gauge as `stand by` load indicator for emergency use in case of power failure
  • Spare Oil seal
  • Flexural test attachment (to be ordered at the time of purchase of machine.) Can be accommodated later on, only if request received at the time of placement of order
  • Brick test attachment
  • Block testing attachment
  • Spacers to accommodate small size cubes and cylinders
  • Hydraulic Oil
  • Ram extracting tool