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Needle Vibrator

In the process of compaction, efforts are only directed to reduce voids in the compacted concrete. The Vibrators produce vibrations which when transmitted to plastic concrete make it to flow and affect compaction. The air bubbles are forced out of concrete due to vibrations.

The Needle Vibrator, also known as immersion or poker vibrator have a power unit and long flexible tube at the end of which a vibrating head is attached. Wherever compaction is to be done, the vibrating head is inserted in the concrete.


The Laboratory needle vibrator having 350mm long X 25mm dia Needle is used in vibrating concrete test cylinders and beams in the field or laboratory. It is also widely used in making laboratory specimens, in making concrete products, in experimental works, and in small scale construction project. It has 1 meter long flexible shaft and is powered by 1 HP single Phase Electric motor.

The Needle vibrator for compaction of mass concrete has 40 or 60mm dia needle with 6 meter long flexible shaft and powered by 3 HP Electric motor for operation on 440 Volts, 3 phase, 50 cycles, A.C. Supply. Optionally, the Vibrator can also be fitted with Petrol/kerosene or Diesel Engine for field use.


Spare Needle with shaft