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Tile Abrasion Tester

For Cement Flooring Tiles

The tile sample is pressed under a specified load against a grinding path strewn evenly with an abrasive powder revolving at the rate of 30 + 1 r.p.m. At the end of 100 revolutions of the disc the second parallel side of the tile is subjected to wear for an equal number of revolutions of the disc. The wear of tile is measured using a thickness gauge. The Abrasion testing machine consists of a replaceable grinding path fitting on to a disc rotating its vertical axis. The rotating disc and grinding path are enclosed by a circular tray. A bracket holds the specimen. The loading is by a counter balanced lever. A funnel is provided to facilitate charging the grinding path with abrasive powder. Supplied complete with automatic preset revolution counter and one 7.5 kg weight but without abrasive powder and thickness gauge. Suitable for operation 230 V, single phase, Ac supply.