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Vee Bee Consistometer

The Veebe consistometer measures the remolding ability of concrete under vibration. The test results reflect the amount of energy required to remold a quantity of concrete under given vibration conditions. The Veebe consistometer is applicable to concrete with slumps less than 2 inches.

The apparatus, consists of a metal cylindrical container mounted on a vibrating table, which produces a sinusoidal vibration, a slump cone is placed in the center of the cylinder and filled in the same manner as in the standard slump test. After the slump cone is removed, a clear plastic disk is set atop the fresh concrete. The Veebe table is started and the time for the concrete to remold from the slump cone shape to the shape of the outer cylindrical container is recorded as a measure of consistency. The sliding clear plastic disk facilitates the determination of the end of the test.


Consists of: A vibrating table, size 380mm long and 260mm wide, resting upon elastic support at a height of about 305mm above the floor, complete with start/stop switch cord and plug A holder is fixed to the base into which a swivel arm is telescoped with funnel and guide sleeve. The swivel arm is also detachable form vibrating Table. A graduated rod is fixed on a swivel arm and at its end a plastic disc is screwed. The divisions of scale on the rod record the slump of the concrete in millimeters. Supplied complete with a sheet metal. Container with lifting handles which can easily be fixed to the vibrating table. A slump cone open at both ends with lifting handles and a Tamping rod of size 16mm dia and 600mm long, rounded at one end. AS PER IS : 1199