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Tar Viscometer

Viscosity is the property of the fluid by which it resist flow due to internal friction. Used for determining viscosity of cut - back bitumen and road oil. Viscosity is measured by determining the time taken by 50 cc of the material to flow from a cup through a specified orifice.

General Descriptions And Specifications

The apparatus consist of bath with cup of 10 mm or 4 mm orifice and sleeve stirrer with ball lifting clip and ball .The bath is fitted with an immersion heater to take the water to the required temperature and a drain valve. The temperature is controlled by energy regulator or voltage varrier.(extra cost) The assembly is kept on suitable stand with leveling screws. Suitable to operate on 220 V.50 Hz, AC single phase.

Optional Accessories and parts

The following accessories and consumables are not part of the standard supply and are mandatory for the testing work

  • Thermometer IP 8C/9C/10C
  • Spare silver plated orifice cup 4mm.
  • Measuring Cylinder 100 ml.
  • Stop Watch Mechanical/Digital
  • Solvent (Benzene/Toluene)for cleaning


The Tar Viscometer is also available for multiple test – fitted with Digital Temperature indicator cum controller and FHP electric stirrer. Supplied with Tar Cups of 10 mm and 4 mm orifice with valves.