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Bitumen Extractor Hand Operated

The Centrifuge Extractors are used for determination of bitumen percentage in hot mixed paving mixtures and pavement samples. The mix is added with a solvent and dissolved bitumen is removed by centrifugal action. The Extractors are available in two versions, Hand operated and motorised electrically driven.

General Descripation & Specification

Hand driven

The Centrifuge Extractor comprises of a precision machine rotor bowl and bowl cover housed in a cylindrical aluminum box. A knurled nut is provided to press filter paper disc between the rotor bowl and cover plate and the complete bowl assembly is removable for determination of weight of sample. The bowl assembly is mounted on a vertical shaft, which comes out from a casted housing. The shaft attached to the bowl is rotated manually by a handle. The gears operate in a casted housing in oil bath with splash lubrication. A drain is provided to collect dissolved bitumen coming out from the rotating bowl. The range of speed is 2400 – 3600 RPM. The bowl capacity is 1.5 Liter

Motorised electrically driven

The motorised version is provided with a variable speed control device and a hand brake to stop rotation when switched off. The electric motor is of 0.25 HP capacity coupled to a geared assembly. Suitable for operation on 230 Volts, 50 Hz, AC single phase.

Recommended Accessories & Consumbles

The following accessories and consumables are not part of the standard supply and are mandatory for the testing work

  • Filter paper ( Pack of 100)
  • Electronic balance ( 5 kg/500mg or 5 kg/100mg or 5 kg/10mg)
  • Two Pan Balance of 5 kg capacity with weights.(From 5 kg to 500gm)
  • Analytical weight Box (from 200gm to 1 mg)
  • Transfer Tray
  • Spatula
  • Solvent (Benzene/Toluene)
  • Asbestos hand Gloves.