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Standard Penetrometer With Automatic Timer

A depression is made in the sample by a needle of a definite weight, which is measured in tenths of a millimeter and expressed, as penetration number. A standard needle penetrates vertically under surcharge weight of 50 gm into a sample under test temperature at 250C for 5 seconds of duration. This test determines the consistency and thereby the grade of the bitumen.

General Descriptions And Specifications:

The apparatus is available in two versions, Hand operated and Electrically operated with automatic timer. The apparatus consist of a cast aluminum base with an iron stand on which moves an aluminum arm. A 6" dial is fixed on this arm and a brass chromium plated rod slide through the lower portion of the arm. A needle with weights is fitted to this rod. The dial is graduated from 0-400 in one tenth millimeter sub division. Supplied complete with adjustable needle holder, penetration needle, sample container, transfer dish and weight of 50 gm.

The Automatic model is supplied with automatic digital timer and electrical arrangement to carryout the test without need of stop watch and with great ease and accuracy, even by a layman.

Optional Accessories and parts

The following accessories and consumables are not part of the standard supply and are supplied at an extra cost

  • Constant Temperature water Bath EIE-403/406
  • Enamel Tray
  • Glass Thermometer
  • Stop Watch Mechanical / Digital
  • Electric Hot Plate
  • Spare penetration needle
  • Spare Bitumen Container 55 mm x 35 mm
  • Spare Weight 50 gm


The above Instrument with some modification can also be used for testing of Grease / soil / food products and other similar materials for penetration test. The brass cone is used in place of needle for penetration. Variety of accessories are available for different application. Price and details on request.