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Pulverizer Laboratory Type

Laboratoty Pulverizer is a disc type grinder, designed to grind virtually any material to produce a fine mesh sample in one operation. It is a self contained grinder, with a rotary disc, having a planetary movement in a vertical plane. This feature gives added life to the moving parts and produces a sample of uniform fineness. Grinding is done between two discs, one of which is stationary and the other revolving eccentrically at high speed. The discs are made from heat treated mechanite metal. With the help of a convenient hand wheel, the six of the final product can be adjusted. This can be done, even while the machine is in operation. A self locking device holds the hinged grinding chamber in place and affords easy and quick access to it, for removal of ground samples & for cleaning. The Pulverizer has a capacity of reducing about half a kilogram of Quartz type sample to 100 mesh in about minute. The Pulverizer is supplied complete with a 3 H.P. Motor, a starter, "V" Belt pulley drive and mounting wired for 440 Volts, 3 phase A.C. 50 Hz. Disc Diameter : 175 mm. Maximum feed Size : 6 mm Yield : 250 gms/min size of finished product. : 100 mesh