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Cement Autoclave

After it has set, cement must not undergo any appreciable expansion, which could disrupt a mortar or concrete. This property of soundness is tested by subjecting the set cement to boiling in water or to high-pressure steam. Unsoundness can arise from the presence in the cement of too much free magnesia or hard-burned free lime

This method covers determination of the autoclave expansion of Portland cement by means of a test of neat cement paste specimens, 25.4 X 25.4 X 285.8mm, which are moist cured for 24 hours +/- 1-1/2 hours and then exposed to action of steam under specified pressure for 3 hours. The rate at which pressure is increased in the beginning the test and released in the test are specified. Linear expansion is measured by micrometer comparator.

Silent Features:

  • Rust proof stainless steel pressure vessel
  • Specially designed Steam Safety Valve, pressure control switch and Temp. control switch - Triple Safety precautions for operator safety
  • Accurately Calibrated Pressure Gauge
  • Guaranteed timings and performance as per IS 4031

General Descripation & Specifications

The Autoclave is double walled. Inner boiler chamber of stainless steel cylinder, with concealed yet easily replaceable heaters surrounding the vessel for quick heating. The boiler lid is of thick stainless steel and can be bolted to the chamber by heavy hexagonal nuts. The silicon gasket, seated in a groove, makes the unit leak proof even at high pressure. The boiler is mounted in between the strong angle iron frame and covered with CRC sheet – attractively powder coated. The outer cover can also be of Stainless steel at an extra cost. The gap in between the walls is filled with thermal insulation to prevent heat loss and energy. The control system consist of sensitive pressure regulator, pressure gauge, safety valve, temperature control switch, power ON-OFF switch and pilot lights to indicate status of the electric heating units and control switches.

Inside chamber dimensions 10.5 cm dia x 40.5cm height.
Rating 3000 watts
Pressure range 21 kg/cm2
Least Count 04 kg/cm2
Temp.range 215 deg C
Power supply 230 Volts AC Single Phase 15 Amp

Standard Accessories:

  • Special rack to hold specimens above water level in the autoclave and in vertical position
  • Pressure gauge with calibration report with national traceability
  • Silicon rubber Gasket
  • Spanner

Accessories At Extra Cost:

  • Length comparator with dial micrometer 0.002mm X 5mm
  • shrinkage bar moulds(single/two/triple gang)
  • PID Auto tuning Digital Temp. indicator cum controller with or without PC interface for data logging
  • PID Auto tuning Digital Pressure indicator cum controller with or without PC interface for data logging
  • Spare heater set
  • Spare Silicon Gasket
  • Spare Pressure gauge
  • Spare safety valve