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Hand Driven Operated
ASTM C 151 also specifies the use of shrinkage bar moulds for the determination of soundness. Length Comparator listed in the concrete section determines the change in length of the specimen. Two models are offered. One is provided with stainless steel smooth reference points and the other is provided with knurled and threaded reference points. Both the models are available as single mould and multiple mould compartments. Each mould is supplied complete with base plate and two reference points per compartment of mould. Mould size: 25 x 25 mm section and 250 mm effective length (Distance between two inner-most of the reference points) The models are available in three kinds of apartments i.e. One, Two, Four with smooth and knurled threaded reference points.

  • Shrinkage Bar Mould - Double Gange
  • Shrinkage Bar Mould - Tripple Gange
  • Shrinkage Bar Mould - Four Gange

Optional Extra:-

  • Set of 20, Smooth Reference Points
  • Set of 20, knurled and threaded reference point