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Curing Compound Mould

The mould is as per ASTM-C-156-1980. The mould is made of stainless steel and it is water tight. The mould is rigidly constructed to prevent distoration and it is thoroughly clean. The interior faces of the mould is plane surface. The mould is 150mm X 300mm at the top, 143 x 295 mm at bottom, and 50 mm depth measured on the inside. The mould is flat rim at the top on all sides approximately 6mm in width. A wooden float has a dimension of 75 mm X 280 mm X 20 mm thick is also be provided. The packing rod to be supplied with mould is made of non-absorptant, non-abrasive, non-brittle rubber compound material. The packing rod is 150mm long and have cross sectional dimensions of 25mm X 12 mm with tamping face the form of a blunt torpedo. S.S. Mould 300 x 150 x 50 mm.